Surat ACB slapped: Deputy state tax commissioner of GST caught taking bribe

By | September 4, 2021

GST officer Narasimha Pandor caught seeking Rs 1 lakh bribe: Lawyer and 3 others also caught taking bribe: One lakh bribe demanded to activate GST number.

Surat ACB slapped

Surat Deputy Commissioner of GST has been caught taking bribe. GST officer Narasimha Pandor has been caught taking bribe of Rs 1 lakh. A lawyer and 3 others have also been caught taking bribe.

ACBA 215, Wood Square, TGB In front of the hotel, a trap was set at LP Savani Road, Adajan, Surat in which the accused: (1) Narasimhabhai Sardarbhai Pandor, Deputy State Tax Commissioner, Bahumali Building, C-Block, Nanpura, Surat Class-1 (2) Kishore Chandra Kantilal Patel, lawyer and tax consultant, remains. Surat (private person) (2) Dharmesh Manhargiri Goswami remains. Surat Business: Job, Accused No. (3) in the office (private person) (2) Vinay Harishbhai Patel, resides. Surat business: In the office of job, accused No. (3) (private person) was caught taking bribe of one lakh.

The plaintiffs have a partnership firm and their firm has paid GST for the year 2016-2017. Since the return is not filled, GST GST by the department. The number was turned off. So that the plaintiff can get the GST of his firm. GST to turn on the number. Contacting the accused No. (1) who was on duty in the department, they found the plaintiff in the name of the accused lawyer (No. 1) and the accused No. (2) working as a tax consultant. S.T. Demanded Rs. 2,00,000 / – as bribe to activate the number. So that the plaintiff contacted the accused no. (2) and the accused no. Submitted to the section. Subsequently, the plaintiff awarded Rs. 30,000 / – was given to accused No. (1) in his office and the remaining bribe amount was Rs. Accused No. (1) asking for less than Rs. 1,00,000 / – and ask the accused to pay the amount as soon as possible. The number will be turned on.

If the plaintiff does not want to pay the bribe amount, the plaintiff has approached the ACB and lodged a complaint. On the basis of the complaint of the plaintiff, the accused no. Demanding a bribe of Rs. 1,00,000 / -, accepting the amount of bribe while working in the office of accused no. All the accused have committed the crime by helping each other by having a purposeful conversation with the accused No. (1) from the mobile phone of (3).

Accused No. (2), (2) and (3) have been arrested on the spot and accused No. (1) has been arrested from his office by the ACB team for investigating the bribery scam. Brought to office and detained. The above accused have been detained by the ACBA and further action has been taken.

Trapping Officer SN Desai, Po.Ins., Surat City ACB. Mrs. AK Chauhan, Po.Ins. Field ACB Surat unit, Surat and ACB. Staff joined while Super Vision Officer NP Gohil, Assistant Director, ACB. Surat Unit, Surat. Were