India surpasses in vaccination

By | September 4, 2021

India has the highest number of vaccines administered in a single day out of 27 countries in the world. An average of 84.55 lakh people are vaccinated daily in the country: 70 crore people were vaccinated across the country in just 230 days.

India surpasses in vaccination

New Delhi: As many as 67.50 crore people across the country have been vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccine till September 3. The rapid pace of vaccination in India is now being discussed all over the world. The nationwide corona vaccination campaign was launched on January 16, 2021 by PM Modi’s government. The country’s health system is working day and night to speed it up. As a result, about 700 million people in India have been vaccinated in the last 230 days.

The country has vaccinated an average of 84.55 lakh people every day in the last one week. In the 27 countries of the European Union, the United States, Brazil, Japan, Germany, Britain, Indonesia, Turkey, France and Pakistan, even if we add the number of vaccine doses in a day, all these countries together produce the maximum in India. Day. More than 84.55 lakh vaccines are being given less than the dose.

It will be relevant to look at some more comparative data to understand the enormity of the covid vaccination campaign being run by the Modi government in the country. India has given 84.55 lakh vaccine doses daily in the last one week. Colombia, Spain, Argentina, Uganda, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Poland, Canada, and Morocco are the total populations of these countries. There are countries where India can give three doses of vaccine to the entire population in one day with its one day vaccine.

A senior official in the ministry says the cabinet expansion in the Modi government took place on July 7. Mansukh Mandvia, who has been the new cabinet minister in the ministry since July 8, held a meeting with vaccine manufacturers. He made it clear to vaccine manufacturers that production capacity must be increased anyway. He also told these companies that if you are facing any problem in increasing production, the government is ready to help you. The effect of this was that these companies increased production.

On the other hand, in every meeting with the chief ministers and health ministers of the states, the health minister made a special request to them to speed up vaccination. Furthermore, on their initiative, a system was launched to book vaccination slots via WhatsApp and SMS. So that more and more people can come to get the vaccine. The impact of Mandviya’s efforts today is that we are able to vaccinate an average of 8.5 million people every day.