2590 tablets will be made available in 79 girls schools

By | September 4, 2021

Partnership with Lenovo’s Youth Unstoppable: These tablets will be equipped with the Meghshala app and will provide online digital training for teachers through Meghshala.

2590 tablets will be made available in 79 girls schools

Ahmedabad: Lenovo, a leading company in the field of technology products and solutions, has announced a tablet-based education and lending initiative in collaboration with its partner NGO Yuva Unstoppable. Under this initiative, it is planned to make 20 tablets made in India available in 6 government girls’ schools in Gujarat. Thus more than 50 girls of Gujarat will be empowered by making 50 tablets available per school. These tablets will be equipped with Meghshala app and online digital training will be provided by Meghshala for teachers in Gujarat.

The tablets are part of Lenovo’s Make in India portfolio, which was recently expanded to produce notebooks and think books at its Pondicherry manufacturing plant. With this Make in India initiative, Lenovo aims to increase production capacity to 5 million through automation and digitization of the plant.

Lenovo’s proposed IT solution will also be helpful in filtering content. In addition to helping make the device available to other students following the license, teachers will be able to take online classes through tracking and dashboards, as well as let students know how much they understand. It has resources including various technology tools, techniques, e-content which will be useful for both students and teachers.

With the help of multimedia tools in Lenovo tablets, students will be encouraged to increase their knowledge in various subjects. With the help of Lenovo, Youth Unstoppable will implement this initiative in government schools with the permission of Gujarat Education Department.

Lenovo understands the need for online safety in remote learning systems, the need for solutions so that teachers can better manage their digital classrooms and students can do their work.

We are very happy to be a part of this work. While the team of Young Unstoppable was working on a tablet based learning model, our tablet team assisted them by making available the best specifications required for a mixed learning model. We firmly believe that a reputable brand like Lenovo, committed to Make in India, will have a huge impact on the lives of students when it joins hands with the young unstoppable to make its best technology available. This justifies its vision of smarter technology for all, ”said Shailendra Katyal, CEO and MD, Lenovo India. “As long as the tablet reaches every child in the country, we will continue to work tirelessly and help make their dreams come true,” said Amitabh Shah, Chief Inspiration Officer, Youth Unstoppable.