Now Modi government will be surrounded by ‘Gharna’: RSS organizations will agitate

National Monetization Pipeline Program, Inflation, Strong Differences Between Government-Union Organizations on Taliban Issues: Indian Trade Union Confederation Lalghum on Government Monetary Policy: Nationwide Protests Against Inflation on September 3. New delhi date. 6: The central government, which is facing opposition from the opposition over the National Monetization Pipeline Program, has now come under fire from… Read More »

2590 tablets will be made available in 79 girls schools

Partnership with Lenovo’s Youth Unstoppable: These tablets will be equipped with the Meghshala app and will provide online digital training for teachers through Meghshala. Ahmedabad: Lenovo, a leading company in the field of technology products and solutions, has announced a tablet-based education and lending initiative in collaboration with its partner NGO Yuva Unstoppable. Under this… Read More »

India surpasses in vaccination

India has the highest number of vaccines administered in a single day out of 27 countries in the world. An average of 84.55 lakh people are vaccinated daily in the country: 70 crore people were vaccinated across the country in just 230 days. New Delhi: As many as 67.50 crore people across the country have… Read More »